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These terms of use of STUDENTS4ALL WORLD, SL (hereinafter STUDENTS4ALL) will be applied both students to Companies, in what concerns the use of this site.

To access the services offered by STUDENTS4ALL will require students and Companies are discharged in the register of this website. They must provide their contact details, profiles, and other data presented as mandatory in the registration forms.

This page consists of two databases: one of student candidates to the practices, and other practices of vacancies offered by Companies. In both cases it will require users to register. To this, STUDENTS4ALL not transfer personal data to companies offering internships, but students who will provide their data via this website. In this sense, the relationship with STUDENTS4ALL limited to providing access to students and Companies, but does not interact in the relationship between them. It is the student who provides their information to sign up for the offer, STUDENTS4ALL serving as a data hosting service.

The Company publish an internship, undertakes to supply is true, current and meets all legal requirements to offer practices. It also ensures that you have full legal capacity to contract and legal obligations to STUDENTS4ALL and in front of students.

The Companies must keep their data and internship offers. Such updates are carried out using your access key.

STUDENTS4ALL not modify data that provide students or Companies, except notice.

The Companies expressly authorizes STUDENTS 4ALL so that it can use any of the photographs have the Companies in their respective websites, as well as its logo, trademark and put a link to its website, to publish it in the profile of the Companies of this website and other websites, blogs and advertising pages directories.

Surveillance measures:

Should have knowledge STUDENTS4ALL a profile of a student or offer is not true, its content does not comply with the law, custom, or standards to instructions displayed on this website, or in any way impair company, other bidder and/or students, or others, STUDENTS4ALL take the measures needed to cease the use of this website and may terminate your access and / or terminate the account of the alleged infringer.

Access and confidentiality of the keys:

The bidder will have access to tenders already published data of students who sign up for the offered practices. To qualify, you will require your password, the password was selected when registering on STUDENTS4ALL.

The Companies and students are required to take special care in keeping passwords and must take appropriate security measures to safeguard the confidentiality of the same, and must notify STUDENTS4ALL when he suspects that a third party may be using their keys, or as the lost. STUDENTS4ALL is not responsible for the negligence of the Company or student if for any reason, a third party has access to the keys. However, if STUDENTS4ALL aware of the use of the user keys by unauthorized parties, either by itself or as indicated by the Company itself or student, will block access and change the key, and take all measures at its disposal to prevent access by unauthorized third parties.

Through this website, students can enroll in an internship published by any of the companies who use our services.

However, students may register as a free user, which is free and will entitle you to access some job postings, but cannot sign up for the offer through this website and see who the bidder. To do this, you will need to register and pay the setup fee.

The student data and companies provided to STUDENTS4ALL are confidential and proprietary to STUDENTS4ALL. Are prohibited from providing any of them, wholly or in part to any third party or use that data for other purposes not stated here.

Cancellation of the tender or bid

STUDENTS4ALL is not responsible for any cancellation of any openings or pre would have done with any of the students. Any liability that may arise will be the student or the Company, and each liable for the damages caused to the harmless from any liability whatsoever.

Also STUDENTS4ALL is not responsible for the cancellation of candidature of a student in one or more vacancies, or offer to practice, for any loss or termination of the agreement for any reason.

Responsibility STUDENTS4ALL

STUDENTS4ALL shall be liable for the services provided through this website.

STUDENTS4ALL is not responsible for any content, legitimacy or integrity of the profiles of Companies, offers internships, student profiles, banners, links or any other information entered by students or by Companies.

STUDENTS4ALL not liable for damages caused to the Company or a third party as a result that the student does not have the necessary qualifications or does not meet the requirements to perform the practices.

STUDENTS4ALL is not responsible for the good or bad performance of the practice by a student.

Should STUDENTS4ALL is convicted, inspected, sanctioned by the courts, public administration or any entity, directly or indirectly, shares of Company and / or the student, they paid the amounts disbursed by STUDENTS4ALL in compensation, penalties, interest, costs, expenses, and other items that may exist from the procedure and judicial proceedings.

STUDENTS4ALL not responsible for the internship offers candidates or students. Your service is limited to Students to provide access to the database of internship offers and about the Companies, to have access to student profiles, and data from them when they got to file its registration in the system.

The Company is solely responsible for all information you provide, so much of itself as the offer you make. You agree to keep the data and delete the offer as it was no longer in effect.

Students are responsible for the content of your profile and the accuracy thereof, as well as your resume or document you can upload to your profile now or in the future.

Relationship between STUDENTS4ALL, the student and the Company

If the student has received an allowance from the Company lower than required according to the applicable legislation, the Company shall be solely responsible. STUDENTS4ALL not be liable for any breach incurred by the Company in the ratio that meets the student, or wage obligations, or the payment of taxes, contributions or any other obligation.

Gratuity or possible compensation practices will be agreed between the Company and the student directly. STUDENTS4ALL assumes no responsibility for any financial or other covenants to which the Company and can reach the student, or disputes that may arise between them.
So, does not interfere STUDENTS4ALL average students and Companies, but the relationship between them is direct and therefore any agreement between them, is beyond the services provided by STUDENTS4ALL.

Accordingly, STUDENTS4ALL shall have no liability of any conflict that may arise between students and Companies.

Price and payment

Students, who want to hire our services for access to offers on the Companies, must register, provide the data you request on forms for that purpose and pay the fee € 39'90.

Until you pay so much, you may not have access to all necessary data offer or you cannot sign up for the offer.

The rate will be valid for seven months, after which the student wishes to continue with our services, will incur € 39'90 again.

If the student has been selected by Company, before signing the training agreement, shall pay to STUDENTS4ALL the amount of € 29'90. In case you do not pay, you cannot sign the agreement and lose their place in the practices for which it has been selected. If the student subscribes internship agreement with a Company, your account will be canceled, as it is considered that the services have been completed STUDENTS4ALL respect to that student. If you wish to return to our services shall be considered new high and will have to pay the prevailing rate at the time of studying the new high. The amounts set forth shall be paid through Pay pal or credit card.

STUDENTS4ALL may change at any time their prices and/or payment.

Changing the Terms of Use

STUDENTS4ALL may change at any time these Terms of Use, Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and ultimately, any rule that could regulate itself.

The change of rules governing the use of this website and the relationship with STUDENTS4ALL will be made available to users, students and Companies, by publication on the web pages of the new rules.

It is recommended that each time you want to hire our services, please read these Terms of Use and other documents available on the website.

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