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       Assistant Concierge Internship in Greece

New internship available in Evoia, Greece!


A 3-Month Internship is available in Evoia, Greece


Develops a strong knowledge of the hotel's facilities and services and of the surrounding community.

Provides guests with information about attractions, facilities, services, and activities in or outside the property.

Makes guest reservations for air or other forms of transportation when requested. Obtains necessary itinerary tickets.

Organizes special functions as directed by management.

Arranges secretarial and other office services.

Coordinates guest requests for special services or equipment with the appropriate department.

Contacts roomed guests periodically to ascertain any special needs.

  1.  Paid (350€ per month)
  2.  6 working days per week
  3.  Language: English
  4.  Accommodation included
  5.  Meals included
  6.  Employment opportunity after Internship

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