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New Internship in Greece!

New internship available in Greece, Rhodes!    

6-month paid internship with meal and accommodation included

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Will act as assistant to the Waiters and collect food and/or drink orders.

- Assist Waiters with serving food and/or drinks, if necessary.

- Assist in serving the food, beverage as directed by the waiter/supervisor.

- Carry out duties as directed by the Waiter under the supervision of the Restaurant management.

- Implement set standards at all times.

- Strives to a minimize breakage and wastage and follows proper procedures when disposing of garbage.

- Attends various training session with the aim to further improve his/her level of performance.

- Helps to set up special events and functions as instructed by the Supervisors.

- Follows company guidelines regarding uniforms and personal hygiene.

- Attends all the trainings as per directed by the supervisors.

- Must be self-disciplined and be able to communicate with the guest and other departments.

- Must be a self-motivated person with an eye for detail.

- Ability to work in a team.

- Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions and see to the completion to the task assigned.

- Must be a good time keeper.


Complimentary accommodation nearby the hotel premises. Shared rooms of 2 or 3 roommates depending on the room's size. Linen equipment provided by the hotel.
3 free meals/per day, 7 days/per week. Meals are served at t the staff's restaurant.

Monthly bonus of 50€ paid in total at the end of the internship only and if it ends successfully.

Free airport transfer from the airport by arrival.

  1.  Paid (450€ per month)

  2. 6 working days per week

  3. Accommodation included

  4. Meals included

  5. Languages: English, Finnish, German, Russian

  6. Employment opportunity after internship


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