About us


About us

What do we do? is a young and dynamic company with a strong experience in the tourism sector, offering a brand new service for students and hotels. Every day, we are working towards providing high quality service for both parties.

We offer a fast and modern service to students who wish live a unique experience and gain professional knowledge abroad. We believe in the power of team work and multicultural environment. That is why it is important for us to provide hotels and resorts with interns who corresponds the best to their needs.

Thanks to our members we are continuing to expand and developing our network.
In the future we hope to become a reference in the hotel sector.

Our Values:

  • Open minded

Working for more than 20 years in the tourism business and working with all kinds of people from different country’s gives you an open mind. We understand really well the needs of every person, and their cultures. This is one of the reasons we have created Students4all!

  • Inspiration

Every day we get inspired by our new contacts, using networks, planning operations, and bringing us more ideas and creativity.

  • Resourceful

As a team we have always been full of initiatives. Every day we try to inspire ourselves and come up with new ideas so we can continue to expand our company.  

  • Transparency

Showing transparency to people is the most important way to give confidence.
To obtain the best results we want to give as much visibility as possible.


The team:


Annika Bijker
CEO Administrator

She was CEO of Animafest Experience since 1997, a company that places international trainees in different hotels in Spain. Creating the biggest internship company in Spain made her come up with, from which she is the CEO since 2014. Here success comes from hard work and perseverance. She is a creative person who adores challenges which helps here to continuously experience new things. 


Albino Ruga

He is the CEO of 2 companies since 1998: Ruga Travel Groups and New Post. These companies mean a lot to him and gave him the experience in the publicity, tourism and the financial sector. Albino is co-founder of since 2014, because he enjoys how a lot of people and different cultures connect online.



Jorn Kotterman
Marketing social media executive

Co-founder and current coordinator at He started his career in the tourism branch and began his professional career in Barcelona. After 15 years of experience in student coordination and Public Relations at several places Jorn started Currently Jorn is handling the communication and social media departments.


Piergiorgio Grasso
Digital Project Manager

Co-founder of and blog. He began his professional career after college, in advertising working in advertising agencies. Later he decided to devote himself to the world of the web and its applications. He started concentrating on web design and via the web development he focused on projects in management and digital marketing. Currently he is digital project manager.



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